[ASMR] Healing Meditation: Heal the Body and Mind {Sticky Tape Sounds]

In this Dauchsy Meditation, you will be guided into a deep relaxing meditative state. Once you are in this relaxing state, your conscious and subconscious mind can work together with the intention of healing your body and mind. Your mind is so powerful, that it truly has the ability to heal itself as well as the body. This has been proven over and over. If you have ever heard of the placebo effect, you know that people can mimic the effects of actual drugs by taking just a sugar pill. With the right belief and intention to heal the body, this can happen. When you are in a deep meditative state, our mind becomes more open to suggestion, and we are more able to believe and trust. I hope you enjoy this meditation and I hope this can heal any ailments that you are experiencing mentally or physically. *Please keep in mind that this is for entertainment purposes so please do not use this as replacement to medical treatment*
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