Monstrous Mandalas - 20 Print-Your-Own Coloring Pages

20 delightfully dark mandalas featuring the world's most infamous monsters from myth, literature and pop culture. Each spread of single-sided pages features a mandala design, plus info about the creature, additional illustrations to practice on and space to test your colors. Grab your gel pens, fine tips and a good pencil sharpener, because the details can get devilishly delicate...but you're not afraid of that, are you?

This .pdf file includes all 20 two-page spreads from the "Monstrous Mandalas" coloring book, plus the Intro and Coloring Tips. The original book is 8.5" square, so these pages have been formatted to fit on 8.5 x 11" copy paper, with some extra room at the bottom of the page.
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