Mystic Poetry Collection. (Multi-Lingual)

Mystic Poetry Collection is the Multi-Lingual Meditative Course of Light Formulas and Light Prayers in Ancient Languages: Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Latinus, English and Russian Sacramental (Kabbalistic) Languages....This Collection is a Part of UNESCO International Program by the University Studies of Ancient Cultures and Manuscripts and recommended for the Development of General Comprehension skills and Multi-Linguistic Skills in Ancient Languages!!!
Very Useful fo Spiritual Practice of Light-Praying, and Vibrational Healing Meditations...

Designed and Edited by Noosphere Publishing Press for Oxford and Cambridge Libraries...(LONDON, UK)


Mystic Poetry Collection

The Ancient Cosmic Prayer

The Ancient Tropical Garden

The Tropical Sunrise*

The Sphinx Enigma

Cultúres Universãlis

Sekhmet Neferu

Isis Aum Ra *

The Bird of Happiness

Cosmic Shambala

Celestial Camelotûs

Cosmic Sophis Viságe…

The Mystic Fairy Tale Dimension

In Summer Paradise

The Eternal Bliss

Luminous Sonnetûm

The Freedom of Spirit

The Starring Breeze

Преобрåжение Сознания

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