Open Mind - Ambient Meditation Music

Open Mind - Ambient Meditation Music

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1 Emptiness 9:40
2 Dream Awake 10:18
3 Deep Water Version I 9:12
4 After The Rain 1 8:37
5 Deep Water II 9:20

Deep Water – Yoga & Meditation music

Both yoga and meditation are very complex relaxation techniques that require a lot of concentration. In order to acquire that concentration, people need a lot of conditions: from a quite atmosphere and a calm group of people to a selection of special music.
Relaxation, yoga and meditation techniques are known to be able to help reduce stress symptoms and help people enjoy a better quality of life. These techniques are not just about a state of peace of mind or a hobby you enjoy. The techniques are all in all processes that decrease the effects stress can have on both you mind and body. They can help you cope with the day to day stress and also with various health related problems, such as pain. They have many more benefits and practising them can reduce your stress symptoms by having the following effects on your body: slowing your heart rate, lowering your blood pressure, slowing your breathing rate and increasing blood flow to major muscles. Your fatigues will be lowered, your anger and frustration will be reduced, alongside the muscle tension and chronic pain. These can all be accomplished by learning a few yoga and meditation techniques, but all the techniques in the world would not be enough without music to go alongside them.
Music is a natural part of most people’s lives. Many of them are of the opinion that music is like breathing. In relaxation techniques, that is a very accurate description. With the right selection of music, your mind and body can reach a state of calmness you have no known before. The 10 minute tracks you can find on this album look to accomplish just that, to make your experience better, to try and help you reach the purpose for which you took on yoga or meditation in the first place.

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