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Expert Work

you are going to create a presentation outlining your transformed unit Plan. This is a way to share your ideas and learning with your classmates. You may choose to develop a Power Point presentation, a Prezi presentation, or a similar multi-media presentation. The presentation should be no more than 11 slides including the title and reference slides. Be sure to include the following: An overview of the Unit Plan Your learning objectives and standards for the unit A summary of the problem based task that you created during Week 2 A synopsis of the different types of formal and informal assessments you will use Ways technology will be incorporated throughout your unit The manner in which you will ensure that all learners are learning
Ways you have differentiated instruction Please keep in mind all learners when discussing differentiated instruction (e.g. multiple intelligences, ESOL, ESE, different levels learners, etc.) When responding to the posed questions you want to be as specific as possible. Remember, your peers have not had the pleasure of reading your transformed lesson plans. Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Citations do not necessarily have to be on the actual slide. You may also write comments in the notes section with citations.

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