COM 320 Week 4 Observation Paper

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COM 320 Week 4 Observation Paper


Visit a restaurant, movie theater, park, shopping mall, or
other public venue.

Observe individual verbal and
nonverbal behaviors in one of these settings for at least one hour.

Record copious notes on the
verbal and nonverbal behaviors you observe, and assess the meaning behind them.

Write a 700- to 1,100-word paper describing your

Describe the location, time, and
day, and preview the remainder of the paper in the introduction.

Address the following questions
in the body of your paper:

  • Analyze the
    ways the individuals used space to communicate. Did they violate other’s
    personal space, or maintain an unusual distance from people with whom they

  • What did
    clothing, jewelry, and material possessions reveal about the individuals?

  • What did the
    individuals’ appearances reveal about the formality or context of the situation?

  • Was the
    verbal and nonverbal communication congruent?

  • How did
    other nonverbal behaviors affect your perceptions of each individual?

Address the following question
in the conclusion:

  • What is the
    most valuable lesson learned from this observation?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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