Red White & Blake

There have been William Blake documentaries that came before, but this may be the first one ever to be presented by an actual believer in Blakean prophecy. Surrealist and contrarian comedian Will Franken teams up with filmmaker Scott Ambrose in a complex, soulful, humorous and provocative examination of the fourfold mythology of English Romanticism’s most colourful figure. Eschewing biographical detail in favour of an intense drilldown on the works themselves, Red, White, and Blake starts off as a literary documentary that very quickly becomes something much different -- at times hilarious and frightening, brutal and yet sublime. This psychedelic and comedic journey begins in the mid-18th Century with Blake’s unique theological outlook, his contempt for mental enslavement, and his enthusiasm for the American and French Revolutions. All of which serve as a prelude for bringing Blake’s visions forward in a viciously satirical swipe against the politically correct shibboleths of the present age. Because, after all, “Without Contraries Is No Progression”.