193 : Miss Iris plays with the stolen Volvo

Miss Iris is walking down the street when she finds a Volvo parked in a unusual way. She comes to see why it is parked in such a weird way, and she finds the window open and the keys in the car!

After checking that no one was around, she quickly gets in the car and start contemplating such a beautiful piece of art!

With her white dress and high heels, she finds in ease on the seat of that car!
She presses the start button and the car starts!
What does she have in her mind?

Well, to give you some clues, she starts pressing hard on the gas to let you hear the engine... Still no clues?

What about keeping pressed the gas pedal to the max until the engine is screaming?
That is right! She wants to rev the hell out of it! She tries to rev the engine either from the driver seat, or standing up outside, or even barefeet!

And what about doing some burnouts? Will she get caught by the owner?
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