PHPUP upgrade your code from php4 to php5

phpUp Upgrade your php4 to php5 code. VERSION 0.3 It simple scans the directory that the phpup.php is and upgrades all the code of .php files it will find. Features Scan all php files with the folder. Update Instructions On the zip file theres included a test_phpup.php and a test.txt ... Try to run phpup after you have unziped the to confirm that it works. If you wish to do that again, copy the code from test.txt PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL CODE BEFORE RUNNING PHPUP.PHP 1) copy phpup.php to the folder that you want to upgrade your files. there are two way to run phpup.php 2.1) FROM BROWSER ... navigate to http://your.server.address/folder/phpup.php 2.2) FROM TERMINAL ... open a terminal and go to the folder that you want to upgrade your code, then run php -f phpup.php 3) remove phpup.php or move the file to the next folder that you want to upgrade.
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