Crystal Light Balancing Workbook Flipbook

Crystal Light Balancing Workbook Flipbook
  Explore the fascinating healing modality of color.

  •  Understand the Chinese five elements; how they work with us and the colors they embody.

  • Discover the energy flow to particular organs that relate to each of these colors.

  • Emotions that create imbalances in the body and the colors to balance out each of these emotions.

  • Utilise crystal pendulums, acupressure holding points and meridians in the body to determine which energy flows are imbalanced.

  • Learn about the seasons which relate to each of these five elements and the changes in our lives that accompany each of these times.

  • Explore the healing properties attributed to each of the colors.

  • Circular polarisation of light through crystals and the movement of cleansing these energy blocks,

  • color therapy through meridians,

  • comprehensive emotional states leading to imbalances and a deep form of natural healing to cleanse these imbalances.

This book is designed to enhance treatments of natural therapists and also to enable those that have had no prior experience a working understanding of a natural form of healing they will be able to use. 

  • 5 element theory chart

  • Renascent catalogue

  • Chakra Colour wheel

  • Muscle testing basics chart

Direct from the Author - produced and made available through Renascent & Lesley Mitchell

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