HST 165 Week 1 APA exercise

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 HST 165 Week 1 APA exercise

Download the two attachments in the materials. The first attachment is a list of websites to go to for formatting your APA references. The second template is for you to format your references on. There are several posts in the class messages under the APA thread that will help you with formatting the web pages.




Do not delete anything on the template.Just type in your name where indicated on the title page, then go to the reference page and type in your properly formatted references from the links attachment exactly like the examples.


If you use a citation/reference generator for this assignment make sure that you check the corporate author box and then type in the correct copyright holder from the site or from the APA information. Do not put the title of the web page first; that is where the author(s) or copyright holders go.


If you use the generator, please make sure that you check the revert to static text in the drop down menu.I will post the screen shot for it in the messages below.


I will post more details in the messages below this!


Step-by-step instructions




Download the web links document and save it to your desktop.


Open each of the web pages in tabs or windows in your browser. Do not close them


Download the template and save it to your desktop.


Do not do anything except add your name to the cover page. Note the way the header looks


Scroll all the way down to where your see the examples.  Check out the way they’re formatted. That is how you need to format yours.


Scroll down below the dotted line and the word References.


Format your references from each of the open websites. They do need to be alphabetized.


Check the APA information that is in your material from the syllabus etc. post.



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