gb570 unit 6 project discussion

During the unit 5 project, I explored those questions that would provide me with the best insight on how effective is Amazon’s value chain and how the organization has maintained a competitive advantage for so long. I also explored questions regarding the development and growth of Amazon and their value chain.

Did your expectations from Unit 2 regarding value chain effectiveness change after completing the Unit 4 and Unit 5 assignments?

No, my expectations did not change after completing the unit 4 & 5 assignments. I am a loyal customer of Amazon therefore; I know first-hand how much they value their customers.

How did you approach completing the analysis and the assessment assignments?

In approaching the completion of the analysis and assessment assignments, I first thought about the questions I wanted to answer within the assignment. Then I focused on the various components of Amazon’s value chain and its effectiveness. I took my time during thorough research in order to prepare a well-written analysis and assessment in order to meet the assignment requirements.
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