CIS 296 Week 4 Individual Troubleshooting Operating Systems

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CIS 296 Week 4 Individual: Troubleshooting Operating Systems
Complete the Troubleshooting Operating Systems Paper (Appendix J).

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

Appendix J


Troubleshooting Operating Systems Paper


Read the scenarios below and then prepare a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that addresses each of the issues presented. Your paper may contain additional diagrams and pictures where they would help with the persuasion of your arguments. In your paper, consider troubleshooting theory, methods of troubleshooting diagnosis, use of help files, internet research, and your own experiences. All references, citations, and quotes must be documented, and a full reference list should be included with the paper.


OS Technical Support


Part One


You have recently started in a new technical support role within the IT department of a major manufacturing organization. Your first support call is from a user who is using a Windows® XP operating system and has encountered stability problems. Discuss the process you would undertake to identify the problem and the tools that have been provided with the operating system you would use to do so.


Part Two


Your next call is from a user whose Windows Vista® machine will not boot. Outline the steps that you would undertake to identify the source of the user’s problem and the tools provided in the Windows Vista® machine that might be useful in your analysis.


Part Three


It is clear that the organization has not adopted an operating system standard and as a result, there are numerous products and versions in use across the whole company. Consider the operating systems that were introduced in the text and discuss which of those you would recommend and why. Which of them would you recommend replacing if they were currently in use within your organization?

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