Clean resume and cover letter

What is this?
This is a straight and clean set of application documents for you. Including a CV and a cover letter. It was never this easy to have a great and clean job application!

What software do I need to edit this?
You need one of these: Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator

What do I get?
This is what you get:
1 Page cover letter template (psd. ai .pdf)
2 Pages CV template (psd. ai .pdf)

Can I handle the documents or do I have to be a pro?
All documents are layered and well arranged to make it easy for you to edit them. You donĀ“t need to be an expert to handle this.

What fonts will I need?
You will need: "Raavi" & "Source Sans Pro". Both are free on the internet

But what should I write in my CV or cover letter?
The documents contain hints to make it easy for you to create the content you will want. I wrote useful placeholders. Just put in your data or answer the questions I wrote down.

Can I contact you If I have problems or questions?
If you have any questions, feel free to ask :) I offer fair support for my customers.
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