Honey, I Broke THE CAMERA (Overlay)

Today I was going over old family footage & found some messed up clips with a cool look, it was due to a broken camera at the time.

So I really liked the look & did my best to copy the imperfections haha
Once downloaded...Just set your transfer mode on your overlay file (F001, F002 or F003) to overlay, tweak contrast, saturation & brightest to taste.

It also comes with a LUT as the overlay might comes across dark with some cameras.

Have fun

Whats included in the pack :

3 Video Overlay files in UHD. 25fps . x.264
LUT to help you adjust the file
Video file Works with any software Adobe Premiere ProFinal Cut XDavinci Resolve, Avid, After Effects etc
LUT works with Adobe Premiere Pro CCFinal Cut X, Davinci Resolve
UHD Download size: 56MB
Easy to use Video files that works in any Program
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