Expert Work

Expert Work

Part  I :  Only citations from the text.

After completing the assigned reading  for this module, complete the following:

Review the sample brief on pp. 22-23 of your textbook.

Using the sample brief and your brief instructions as a guide, prepare a case brief on one of  the following cases: 

Wesley Henson v. Allen Redding (p. 409)

Ivancic v. Olmstead (p. 413)

Kim Gallegly Wesson v. Wal-Mart stores (p. 415) 

Part 2:

Discuss whether you think children should be liable for their own intentional torts, or whether    the parents or guardians should be liable. Would your argument change based on whether the  injured party  is a child themselves?  What if the injured party is an adult?  What is the law on this in your particular state? 
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