BSHS 385 Week 5 Five Stages of Change Presentation

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BSHS 385 Week 5 Five Stages of Change

Complete the assignment according to the directions in the University
of Phoenix Material: Five Stages of Change Presentation.

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Stages of Change Presentation


Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft®
PowerPoint® presentation, with detailed
speaker notes, that
discusses overcoming challenges to cooperation and the
five stages of change.


Select two scenarios from the following


adolescent girl who is on probation
meets with her probation office. You are the probation officer.

pregnant woman who abuses alcohol has been referred to a counselor
because of her drinking problem. You are the counselor.

A wife who is abused
is in the hospital. She is unwilling to talk about her injuries or how she
sustained them. You are the social worker.

A successful business man is
ordered to visit with a counselor to discuss his anger issues. You are the


Include the following information in
your presentation:


What challenges would you have when trying
to get your client to open up to you?

techniques could you use to encourage the client to open up to you?

What are the five stages
of change?

List a minimum of 10 questions
you would ask during your first meeting with the client.

List five suggestions you
might give to the client to help them contemplate change.

Outline a potential action
plan for the client.

What can you do to evaluate the client’s action
plan in the future?
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