Rock Solid

Rock Solid is the follow on eBook, designed as the next step you take after following the hugely successful 4-week plan, Rock Bottom. We have increased the calories per day, following along the lines of a set plan, but slightly different.

We understand that many want to take a day off to enjoy the finer things in life, so we have added cheat meal recipes, allowing you to indulge for breakfast, lunch and dinner on that special cheat day! We have also teamed up with Jared King, from Drive Fitness in Brisbane, to create a basic training plan, to help get you off the couch and become active!

Life is far too short to spend it laying around. It’s time to whack on the shoes and start pounding the pavement.

There is no registering. Not waiting for rounds. No ongoing costs. Because, like we keep saying, weight loss shouldn’t break the bank.
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