Calculator project Solution

For this assignment you will turn in:


In class (10pts):


1.       A statement of the problem (typed)


2.       An explanation of your solution (typed)


3.       A flowchart (hand-drawn or computer generated)


4.       Pseudocode (typed)


Via BlackBoard (40pts):


1.       C program named <username_calculator.c






Follow the steps that we have outlined in class for algorithm development to generate a program that performs general arithmetic calculations (+ - x / ).






1.       User gives the symbol: + - x /


2.       User gives the two numbers




1.    Result of the operation


Extra Credit:


1.       Notify user when subtracting two positive numbers results in a negative number. (5pts)


2.       Format output nicely (e.g. 2+4=6). (5pts)




1.       This is individual work. You may NOT work in groups.


2.       Please staple all work together.


3.       You are expected to error check.


4.       For code: No compile = No points, no exceptions!