Expert Work

Expert Work

Have you ever wondered how we see or hear? How we get sensory information and make meaning of our world? The processes of sensation and perception help us to understand the biology and psychology behind our sensory systems. In this assignment, you are going to write a children's book on the visual or auditory system.

You will research the auditory and visual systems. You will need to use your textbook as a reference. Additionally, you will need to find at least 2 other reputable sources. Note that some of the required topics listed below are not in the text and will require additional research (e.g. deafness, optical illusions).
You must choose which information from your research and the textbook is the most interesting and useful to include in your children's book.

You will need to include the following about vision in your children's book: light waves, pupil, iris, lens, retina, rods and cones, optic nerve and then can stop your explanation at the visual cortex. You must also explain color perception. Finally, you must provide examples of and fully explain 2 optical illusions.

You will need to include the following about hearing in your children's book: sound waves, eardrum, middle ear, cochlea, basilar membrane, hair cells, auditory nerve and can stop your explanation at the auditory cortex. You must also explain pitch perception. Finally, you must explain conductive deafness and sensorineural deafness and then discuss the use of either sign language or cochlear implants.

Books must have a title and front cover, 12-18 "book" pages covering the require components listed above, and a reference page (of all sources used).

Be creative and be sure to use language and examples appropriate for a 6-year old child. You are strongly encouraged to include pictures/images to better illustrate your text, as well as make the book interesting for your audience. However, remember to give appropriate credit for any images or direct quotations.

• Multiple Intelligences (Howard Gardner)
• Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman)
• Triarchic Intelligence (Robert Sternberg)
Your next step is to choose ONE of these 3 alternative intelligence theories to research further.
Next, you need to design a high school that uses your alternative theory of intelligence. Apply the concepts, principles, etc. of this theory to a 9th-12th grade curriculum. Be sure you address the following questions:
• What would your school be called?
• What philosophy would guide your teaching?
• How is your school different than the traditional school based in traditional intelligence theory?
• What classes would your school offer? Why?
• How would student learning be assessed? Why?
• What extracurricular or enrichment activities would be available? Why?
I would like you to address these questions in a Power Point-style presentation directed at parents of 9th-12th graders. You will be creating a "sales pitch" to these parents, trying to convince them to enroll their child in your school. 
Each question above must be addressed in your presentation in a clear and straightforward manner. Failure to address one or more questions will result in a lowered grade. Remember, you will be "selling" your school to parents who have no knowledge of alternative intelligence, so you will need to educate them! 
Additional presentation guidelines: I suggest at least one slide for each question, with a title slide and a reference slide listing all the sources you used for this presentation. Creativity is important, but make sure your ideas are tied to your theory in a clear way. Pictures, images, etc. can be useful for retaining attention. Please ensure that your presentation is saved as a .ppt, .pptx, or .pdf file.

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