Georg's WATERLIES: 40+ Watercolor, Blending & Paint Brushes for Procreate

This selection from my PAINT BRUSH BUNDLE contains more than 40 custom made watercolor, wet paint, blending and glaze brushes.

Check out the Gallery for brush thumbnails, sample drawings and cheat sheets:
Find tips & tricks for using the watercolor and blending brushes in the Readme.pdf.

I added 70+ custom color swatches including watercolor, pastel, and prismokolor as well as my 25 harmonic TRIO-O-TONE paint and ZORN palettes. 

You'll get all updates and new brushes for this set for free!

  • [update NOV-11-2017] Added 10 new watercolor brushes plus the DONNA WATERS/AQUASH wet paint and shading brush! BONUS: 3 new harmonic color swatches :)

I used my DONNA AQUASH (aka DONNA WATERS SOFT) wet paintbrush for coloring a b/w illustration from Bennett Klein's Coloring Book "Mythic".

Get this brush set as well as all my 350+ custom made brushes, swatches & tools plus free updates with the Procreate MegaPack:

If you have any questions, problems using the brushes, or brush requests, please check my FAQ:

I hope you enjoy the brushes and wish you lots of fun using them!

Happy Watercoloring :)

NOTE: The brushes are designed and optimized for Procreate (iOS App). A pressure sensitive stylus like the Apple Pencil is recommended, but all brushes also work great with dumb styli as well as finger painting. Disclaimer: The shown illustrations include characters and fan art painted with these brushes in the spirit of the original artists/copyright holders.
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