Myst "Fragments" Drum Kit - Volume 1

The first of many sample packs, this one is a drum kit packed with my own personal Kicks, Snares, FX and Percussive elements that will bring a crunchy, textured sound to your tracks. Also included are various perfectly cut/looping drum/percussion loops to draw inspiration from and write around.  Every sound within this kit is 100% originally designed and crafted.   30 Kicks, 30 Claps, 5 Snares, 35 Hi-Hats, 33 Foley/Percussive elements, 17 Special FX/White Noise.   All proceeds from this pack are going towards a laptop of my own so I can continue to produce and be a little less restricted with my sound :)!   Enjoy and please show me anything you come up with using these drums !
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