Christmas Special

This »Christmas Special« is a collection of 7 fonts, they are great to design Christmas-Cards and all kinds of invitations. The packet contains: »Ayres-Royal« the blackletter font with its elaborately decorated Initials, »Fiorentina« a narrow italian script, »Brigitta« a classic-elegant english script and charming »Fleurie«, »Fleuron Initials«, »Fleurons Six« and »Jingle Doodles« round off the beautiful collection. These fonts have a normal value of over $ 300, for Christmas I am offering the set for only $ 36. That is a very generous offer but it lasts only til December 1, so hurry. I wish you lots of fun with my font designs and of course a phantastic holiday season. The fonts come in Opentype and Truetype.
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