Alison's Boycut Haircut

In the first part of this haircut makeover video, there's a little interview session and Alison plays and braids her long hair. Soon she is seated in the vintage barber chair, with a neck strip and yellow cape tight around her neck. The stylist gathers Alison's long locks into 4 ponytails, before cutting them off with a mini clippers. You'll feel the emotions of nervousness and excitement as you watch Alison's expressions change from a mixture eagerness, fright, happiness, sadness, and relief. (She has never had her hair cut so short before, but is excited about the new look). After the hair is wet down with a spray bottle, a scissors, Fromm razor with guard, clippers, blow-dryer, dusting brush, and a vented paddle brush help to transform Alison's hair into a sexy "boy's cut" haircut. screen size: 720x480
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