Law Of Attraction MP3

Law Of Attraction The White Pearl 11 Minute Audio Video Subliminal MP3 Subliminal Audio Recording Headphones Are Optional A Just Listen Video A Thought Is A Cosmic Order What Story Are You Telling The Universe InAudible Voice Commands Best And Highest Good In Right And Perfect Ways What I Imagine I Now Draw To Myself The Universe Has Already Lined Everything, Up For Me Expectancy Everything Is Happening To Support, My Highest Good Even Better Than I Imagined I Am Happy Healthy Courageous And Strong All Is Well In My Abundant World Life Is Good Dynamic Empowered Energized Magical I Deserve All Great Things Coming To Me I Receive All Abundant Blessings Now, Via All Channels Both Expected And Unexpected I am Taking Care Of My Mind Through Right Thinking All My Thoughts Today Are Manifesting The Life I Truly Desire All My Requests Are Answered All My Desires Are Supported By, Un Waivering Faith Excited Expectancy And Humble Gratitude Perfect Cosmic Balance Happiness Health And Success Thank You Thank You Thank You Gratefully Welcomed Now Fulfilling These Affirmations Become A Realty For Me I Am Successful In Everything I Do Allow I Am In Harmony With What I Truly Want I Am One With My Good Vibrating Harmony I Am Open To Divine Guidance Easily Effortlessly Naturally My Wish Is My Command I Am Naturally Lucky I Feel Good I Trust The Good Flow Wholeness Pure Experience Divine Perfection All That is Divinely Ordered Is Mine Now Free To Enjoy Life I Am So Happy And Grateful Now Everything Is Possible I Choose Thoughts That Make Me Feel Good Appreciation Positive Results I Deserve The best My Thoughts Vibrate With Positive Energy I Align Myself With The Highest Frequency Of Love
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