The Barking Lot Solution

The Barking Lot is a dog boarding facility. It provides boarding for any number of days and additional services such as grooming and walking. The Barking Lot currently has three employees, a list of 40 dog clients, and room to board eight dogs at any one time. One required program must be able to estimate profits for a day. The facility can board eight dogs at a time; it charges $25 a day for dogs that weigh more than 50 pounds and $20 a day for smaller dogs. The facility’s expenses include $2 per day per dog for food (no matter the size of the dog), and $30 per day for utilities. implement the program that allows a user to enter the number of large dogs boarded; assume that the rest are small dogs and that the facility is full. Output is the total revenue collected for the day, total expenses, and the difference. Allow the user to request an unlimited number of profit estimates at a time.

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