MTH 233 Week 3 DQs

MTH 233 All Weeks DQs :

MTH 233 Week 3 DQ 1
Confidence Interval
1.  Pick out and list 10 songs you like.  Find their length in seconds and use StatDisk to construct a confidence interval.  What can you conclude about your interval?  What would happen to the interval if you increased/decreased the sample size?
MTH 233 Week 3 DQ 2
2.  Let’s have some fun with this DQ.  Browse the Internet to find bizarre or obscure data collection.  Share your data by using a link to a website or a YouTube video.  Explain why you think anyone would collect data on this subject and comment on their results.  Please remember to keep the content school appropriate!
MTH 233 Week 3 DQ 3
Central Limit Theorem
3.    Provide an example of the use of the Central Limit Theorem from your own life experience. Explain the scenario.  One example might be calculating driving times to or from work... (you may use this example)
MTH 233 Week 3 DQ 4
Math Activities
4.      Search the Internet for interactive games or activities that involve statistics, probability, or any math concept. Include the site, a detailed review of the activity or game, and how you could use this site to enhance this course.
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