Engineering Design Course

What you receive in this course:

  • Mission: Nervy Newspaper Chair

  • Mission: Crazy Catapults

  • Mission: Savvy Skyscrapers

  • Mission: Super Solar Cars

  • Mission: Fascinating Flashlights

  • Mission: Rocking Roller Coasters

  • STEM Review Activity Sheet

  • DECIDER Design Process Activity Sheet & PPT

  • DECIDER Design Process Poster

  • ¬†Design Review Activity Sheet

  • ¬†Orthographic Design Review

  • Importance of Design Activity Sheet

  • Measurement Review Activity Sheet

  • Glue Gun Safety

  • Quick Launch Awesome Aquarium Stand

  • Savvy Skyscrapers Article

  • Forms of Energy Activity Sheet & PPT

  • Renewable Energy Activity Sheet and PPT

  • Non-Renewable Energy PPT

  • How Batteries Work Activity Sheet

  • Super Coasters Activity Sheet

  • Crossword Puzzle Review

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