Linde Forklift Truck H-Series Type 396-02: H50, H60, H70, H80 Service Training (Workshop) Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop) Manual for Linde LPG and Diesel Forklift Truck H-Series Type 396-02.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

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Format: ZIP, included files:
Service Training manual, PDF, 481 Pages
Air Conditioners Service Training, PDF, 92 Pages
DEUTZ Engine TCD 4.1 L4 Workshop manual, PDF, 298 Pages
Circuit Diagrams for LPG Trucks, PDF, 30 Pages
Circuit Diagrams for Diesel Trucks, PDF, 30 Pages

Language: English


0. Product information
   Truck from series 396-02
   The 396-02 truck
   LTC basic structure
   Software update for Canbox
   Starting the diagnosis program
   Guided diagnosis
   Load controller
   Log files
   Code lists
   Error code display
1. Engine
   LPG engine
   Description of the drive
   Engine technical data
   Engine block
   V-ribbed belt — removal and installation
   Checking the compression pressure
   Cylinder head — removal and installation
   Checking and adjusting the timing
   Removing and refitting the cylinder head cover
   Installing and removing camshafts
   Engine cooling system
   Coolant -draining and filling
   Coolant regulator housing assembly and disassembly
   Engine electrics
   Three-phase alternator
   Electronic ignition system — overview
   LPG system
   Safety guidelines for LPG (extract)
   Basic rules when working with LPG
   Sealing plastic pipe unions
   LPG system - functions
   Shut-down due to lack of gas
   Evaporator -functions
   Mixer -functions
   Basic settings for the LPG system
   Revolution control
   Shut-off valve- LPG
   LPG truck with a lambda control system
   396-series lambda control system
   Exhaust gases -composition
   Lambda control system
   Leakage test on LPG system
   LPG tank
   Removing and installing the level display and 80% filling stop valve
   The following safety measures must be observed
   Carrying out assembly operations
   Bleeding the LPG tank
   The following safety measures must be observed
   Procedure for bleeding
   Diesel engine
   DeutzTCD4.1 L4
   Technical engine data, H50/60/70/80 D, H80-900 D, H80-1100 D
   Functional overviews
   Engine components
   Bosch EDC electronic engine management
   Repairing the fuel supply
   Changing the V-ribbed belt
   Rail pressure sensor- removal and installation
   Repairing the engine
   Checking the engine oil level
   Changing the engine oil
   Changing the engine oil filter
   Draining water from the fuel pre-filter
   Changing the fuel filter
   Changing the fuel pre-filter
   Bleeding the fuel system
   Cleaning the fuel tank ventilation hose
   Checking the coolant level
   Changing the coolant
   Adjusting the valve clearance
   Cylinder head - checking the compression pressure
   Checking the compression pressure
   Special tool -Deutz engine TCD 4.1 L4
   Diesel particle filter (DPF)
   Particle filter- emissions
   Particle filter- configuration
   Particle filter and oxidation condenser
   Particle filter- burner
   Particle filter-fuel supply
   Particle filter- airsupply
   Particle filter- how it works
   Particle filter- how it works
   Particle filter- circuit diagram, sensors, actuators
   Particle filter regeneration
   Particle filter- service and maintenance
   Particle filter- diagnostics
   Changing the diesel particle filter (DPF)
   Changing the diesel particle filter (DPF)
2. Gearbox
   Description of the gearbox
   Technical dates for traction drive
   Hydrostatictraction drive
   Schematic view of the drive
   Explanation of the hydrostatic transmission function
   Accelerator settings
   Brake shaft on the accelerator
   Symmetry of the accelerator- Start of rotation of the drive wheels
   Pressure differential Ap/maximum swivel angle of the HPV
   Start of rotation of drive wheels
   Power limitation
   Power limitation (control block N)
   Oil motors -circuit and housing flushing
   Servo cover adjustment — function characteristics
   Servo cover adjustment
   Adjusting the hydraulic zero position
   Reducing the driving speed
   Speed reversing block- description
   Speed reversing block -setting
   Hydraulic braking
   Hydraulic braking
   Retarder valve function
   HMV 1 05 oil motors function
   Qmin valve of the oil motors
   Exhaust valve 1Y9 (dual pedal) and 1Y8/1Y9 (single pedal)
   Circuit diagram for troubleshooting
   Overview of measuring points and positions of valves
   Special tools required for the measurements
   Measuring pressures and wheel speeds
   Explanation of troubleshooting
   Hydraulic parking brake
   Pressure consistency and start of regulation
   Checking the hydrostatic drive unit
   Hydraulic primary and secondary adjustment - checking and adjustment regulations
   HPV 1 05/75 pump unit
   Sealing the pump unit
   GR80-12 reduction gearbox
   Drive wheel unit
   Carrying out repairs to multi-disc brake
   Repairing the reduction gearbox GR 80-12
   3 Chassis, bodywork and fittings
   Overhead guard
   Overhead guard -torsion support
   Instructions for working with gas springs
4. Chassis frame
   Steering system
   Steering system - functional description
   304 series steering axle
   Description of function
   Removing the steering axle
   Installing the steering axle
   Repairs to the steering axle
   Changing the wheel bearings
   Axle stub - removal and installation
   Steering cylinder
   Steering cylinder- removal and installation
   Steering cylinder -changing seals
   Adjusting the steering stop
   Brake system
   Parking brake
   Pipe assembly at the multi-disc brake
5. Operating devices
   Setting the travel and brake control
   Joystick configurations
   Joystick variants
   Joystick interlock
   Functional description
6. Electrics/electronics
   Safety instructions for electrical equipment
   EMC- Electromagnetic compatibility
   CAN bus
   CAN bus connection assembly X15
   Electrostatic charging
   Identifying components in electrical circuit diagrams
   Pin assignment for the LHC 20 Tricor controller with 154 contacts
   Central electrical system
   Linde Truck Control (LTC/LHC)
   Arrangement of relays and fuses - left step
   Arrangement of relays and fuses for basic equipment and special equipment
   Arrangement of the console to truck adaptor connectors
   Display unit
   Testing the electronic controllers and components
   LHC testing (truck control unit and lift control)
   Checking wiring harness
   Testing sensors
   Testing the indicator unit
7. Hydraulic system
   Functional description of the control valve
   Working hydraulic circuit diagram
   Functional description
   Pressure relief valves
   Depressurisation Auxiliary hydraulics 1and 2
   Pump / control valve hose layout
   Hose layout of control pressure supply
   Cleaning work on the Linde control valve - cast valve
   Cleaning work on the Linde control valve - multi-layer valve
   Tilt cylinder
   Tilt cylinder - removing, installing, adjusting
   Tilt cylinder - piston rod
   Hose pulley
   Removing and installing the hose pulley
   Releasingthe tension on the hose pulley
   Changing the hose line on the 4-way hose reel
   Disposal of springs
8. Load lift system
   Lift mast
   Functional description
   Setting the tilt angle sensor
   Line break safety device in the triplex mast (throttle valve)
9. Special equipment, accessories
  Working spotlight position

10. Circuit diagrams from 07/2012
   Hydraulic circuit diagrams
   Traction, working and steering hydraulics
   Electric circuit diagrams
   Basic equipment for diesel — Sheet 01
   Basic equipment for diesel — Sheet 02
   Basic equipment for diesel — Sheet 03
   Basic equipment for diesel — Sheet 04 (particle filter)
   Basic equipment for LPG — Sheet 01
   Basic equipment for LPG — Sheet 02
   Basic equipment for LPG — Sheet 03
   Special equipment sheet 01 — Seat heater, seat with air suspension, lighting, direction indicator and hazard warning system, brake light
   Special equipment sheet 02 — Rearwindow heating, wipers
   Special equipment sheet 03 — Heating system, 12V socket
   Special equipment sheet 04 — heating system with air conditioning
   Special equipment sheet 05 — Stationary regeneration for diesel particle filter, single
   lever for lifting/lowering, tilting, single auxiliary hydraulics and double auxiliary hydraulics
   Special equipment sheet 06 — Higher lighting, working spotlights
   Special equipment sheet 07 — Truck data management, radio, interior lighting 
   Special equipment sheet 08 — Hazard warning system for reverse travel, truck deactivation, mast positioning
   Special equipment sheet 09 — Flashing beacon/rotating beacon, reversing signal, LPG volume display for volumetric filling, hydraulic oil microfilter indicator
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