284 : Miss Iris - damsel in distress with her R5 and her boss

Miss Iris is walking with her boss to her Renault 5. While walking, she is telling him that the car gave her a lot of problems recently, so she hopes it will start now. She is wearing a black coat, white top, black skirt and black clogs.

The two get in the car and, while you get to the passenger seat, she starts talking to her car telling her to start and not leave her stranded as this morning. But as soon as she turns the key she finds out that the car doesn't start at all!

She tries again and again, pumping the gas pedal softly and then hardly, but she doesn't want to start! She is so embarrassed with her boss and at the same time so nervous and angry at the Renault that doesn't want to start at all that she starts getting angry at it!

She tries every single possible thing, from going barefeet, to talk with the car, to even jump on the seat, but the car doesn't want to start up at all!

How she is going to fix the problem? Will they get at work on time?
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