084 :Miss Iris dangling, dipping, driving, stalling ... and cranking

Miss Iris is back and looking simply sensational as she teases your senses with a dangling, shoe play, driving, stalling and cranking video whilst dressed in a sexy black mini skirt and pretty blouse.

Miss Iris is captivating and her personality shines through as much as her natural beauty. You will have the pleasure of watching Miss Iris sit at her desk working as she seductively dangles and heel pops her peep toe high heels from her nylon feet.

When she heads to her car after work you are treated to more shoe play and a good look at those beautiful legs as she chats on the phone. Even once in the car she can't resist a further little tease before she heads off in the little Fiat.

The car starts without hesitation but things don't seem right with the car. On her journey it stalls in traffic leaving other motorists honking their horns in frustration and the car seems to be acting very strangely. Eventually the inevitable happens, whilst lost and in the middle of an industrial estate the Fiat just dies completely on poor Miss Iris.

Now it simply will not restart, on a boiling hot day this pretty young lady tries desperately to get going again, trying a mix of pumping and flooring she begs and pleads the Fiat to start, she hits the steering wheel in frustration, put her hands together as if in prayer and the look of desperation on her face when it refuses is priceless.

Finally having to admit defeat Miss Iris calls for help, not before treating you to one final shoe play tease as she does so. How would you like to be on the end of that final phone call??

A wonderful clip which even as subtitles for the non Italian speakers amongst you.
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