259 : Miss BlackJess driving to the Exotic Pole Dance Contest 2016

Pedal Vamp welcomes a new Miss! Her name is Miss BlackJess and she is a pole dancer!

Today she has a big competition, the Exotic Pole Dance Contest 2016. She is going to drive to the competition with her Ford, and you will be her passenger!

She is very late and she has to hurry up, so she starts driving very sporty. She pushes the car to the limit to gain some seconds and not arrive late for her show! While she is doing her show, you have a first seat view of her pole dancing, and it's really amazing!

She does a very sexy pole dance show and she is very good at it! After the show she gets in the car to drive home, but before she wants to relax a bit. So she takes off her shoes and she starts calling a friend while she keeps her feet on the dashboard.

She then drives home without shoes, but after a few meters she realizes that the parking lot has a cobbles side where she can play a bit...
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