6 Beautiful Black Girls Mesh Heads + Gifts

You will get 6 Textures for ICO type Mesh Heads, all made by me.
You will get Madrid Gown as a Gift
Cuore Lingerie as a Gift
Bella Dress as a Gift
3 PS Brushes to help you edit the Heads

You may mix and match, change skin colors, make up and make your own Mesh Head collection. You can make 9 became 20, just be creative!

This is a very easy mesh head to work with, you will have a lot of fun creating many different kind of faces, makeup and styles.

Purchasing any of my textures you automatically comply with the following rules:

You ARE allowed to use my textures in more than one account (If you have a second account) DO NOT GIVE IT AWAY TO FRIENDS!!!
You are NOT allowed to resell my textures to any third party
You ARE allowed to set your imvu products created using my textures derivable
You ARE allowed to edit and modify my textures!

Derivation Link

Notice i sell those textures only to be derived from the link above, deriving it from another mesh will result on a DMCA report.

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