BSHS 305 Week 5 Human Services Today and Tomorrow Report

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 BSHS 305 Week 5 Human Services Today and Tomorrow Report

Complete Human Services Today and Tomorrow Report.

Format any citations in your report according to APA guidelines.

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Human Services Today and Tomorrow Report

Your team has been chosen by the mayor to revamp the way human services are delivered in your city. You have been given an unlimited budget and free reign to lease new facilities, create new programs and services, hire new people, and purchase new equipment to help the Human Services Department meet the demands of the 21st century, but you must provide persuasive evidence that these are justified.


To decide what recommendations you should make, first study Ch. 3 of the text. Make sure you have a good understanding of the following information:





The trends that predict the type of human services that will be needed in the future


Where and how human services are best delivered



To help you envision the kinds of changes and upgrades needed, review the following information, which describes how human services are currently handled in this city:





There is only one facility that provides counseling or psychiatric services, including both inpatient and outpatient care. It is located several miles outside the city, a decision that was made 75 years ago, with the idea that people with so-called mental problems were best kept away from the community. There is one administrative office in the downtown area of the city. Individuals must come to this office to apply for public assistance or, they can come to learn about available services. All paperwork is completed by hand and kept in file cabinets. Except for therapists at the psychiatric facility, employees work exclusively from this downtown office, so clients must travel to this location to keep appointments.



Review Ch. 3 of the text. This is the only resource you will need to complete this assignment.

Name your city. Be creative, as this is fiction.

Discuss each of the following questions with your team thoroughly:





What are the trends discussed in the reading that are likely to affect the types of services your city will need to provide in the future?


Based on the predicted needs that those trends indicate, what services should your city be prepared to offer? Remember, your budget is unlimited. Be as innovative and extravagant as you like.


Where and how would the services be delivered?


How could the department improve its use of technology to benefit clients and employees?



Write a 700- to 1,050-word report to the mayor, using the ideas from your team discussion that describes your recommendations. Explain the rationale for your recommendations, which must be supported by citations from the text. Remember to include a complete reference in APA format at the end of your report.


Additional requirements:





Your report must be so as to be clear, direct, and concise.


Organize the report well. Your content should flow in a logical sequence. Use headings to introduce each new main idea.


Spelling and grammar must be correct, including proper punctuation of sentences. A lack of professionalism could sink the mayor’s trust in you and cause him to revoke your budget.


While not required, you are welcome to add illustrations, diagrams, maps, or photos to add interest and visual appeal. Have fun with the assignment, as you will never have an unlimited budget again.
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