Leslie's Boys Haircut and Head Shave in Barbershop - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Leslie says she's at a point in her life where she wants to try something totally new. To make the event even more special, she is dressed up for the occasion in a black dress, heels and stockings. She visits the Lyn-Lake Barbershop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There she sits in an old-fashioned barber chair while the barber capes her with a pinstripe cape and neck strip. Using both a scissors and electric clippers, the barber skillfully shapes Leslie's long blonde hair into a sleek and sexy traditional boy's haircut. He gives her a severe part on the side and spiffs up the front. Very alluring. As you can see, this haircut isn't just for boys anymore! Leslie is nervous in this video, and she does tear up a bit, but soon she is fine and smiles now and again. After the barber givesLeslie a traditional boy's haircut, it's time for something a bit more extreme. The barber takes out the electric clippers and buzzes Leslie's head close for the lather and razor shave that is coming next. With Leslie's hair gone, her beautiful features stand out far better. Leslie is proof that bald women are beautiful and sexy. duration: 91 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480
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