Ambers first time.M4V

Ambers first time

Ambers first time.

This is a 20 min film of ladies playing in mud down load now from

Amber joins the team in her first appearance for the sight. Amber is a beautiful Very long auburn/red hair lady and as you will see a very good friend of Nicola.

Nicola has decided to introduce Amber to the joy of playing in mud as only can do. this is Ambers first time ever in mud, she has brand new green wellies on to honour the occasion with, she compliments the wellies with thick white fishing sock over her red jodhpurs, teamed wth a checked shirt hoodie and jacket. Nicola in her hunter argyle wellies purple jeans and dark wax jacket, introduces Amber to the shallow mud to begin with but Amber soon get into the swing of things, splashing around in the mud, gradually getting the wellies blacker. Nicola doesn’t disappoint at this point she falls over and gets her legs muddy.

then its time to move on to the next pool where Amber thins she cant feel the bottoms it must be sinking sand, after a while in this mud Nicola ends up sitting in the mud up to her waist, Amber only just goes over the top of her wellies in this pool. on to the next pool!!!!

As Amber is still quite clean Nicola gets her to be first in lowering herself from the root of a tree to find the mud goes over her knees. Once Amber is muddy she really gets stuck in and Nicola follows, Nicola gets more and more muddy eventually having to crawl out forwards and back wards from various areas.

After getting muddy they have to wash off in the river near by Nicola as ever getting stuck in finding the deepest part up to her chest, then the ladies have to struggle get off their wellies. Amber has to have Nicola pull her wellies off.
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