Freelance Photographer Contract Template

Together with our friends from TheContractGuys we bring you a series of attorney-drafted contract templates for creative freelancers!

This contract template is created for freelance photographers and handles the entire legal side of your business. Some of the highlights:

  •   Scope of Work Defined - We lay out the details of the project between you and your client, including deadlines, what type of instructions client provides to photographer, rate of pay, etc. That way there’s no miscommunication at the outset regarding your project.

  • Who Owns Your Photos? - We include a provision as to who owns the final edited photos as well as the proofs. Or, alternatively you can choose the following option.

  • Reproduction Rights - We include a provision for you to retain reproduction rights as well as copyrights of your photos for the client. That way you get paid a reproduction rate that you specify every time the client requests a photo.

  • Delivery of Work - We specify the medium you’ll submit your work to the client – prints or digital, if scouting the location will be included as part of the project, final editing and coloring of project. This eliminates any miscommunication about how the project will proceed.

Save yourself thousands in legal fees and buy our Freelance Photography Contract Template now!
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