Sentimental Mood: Piano and Orchestra Production Music (Royalty Free)

A beautiful and sentimental piece of music for piano and Strings. The piano takes the lead, playing smooth and tender melodic figures with a low cello ensemble accompaniment holding down the bass. As the track goes on, an emotional melody enters played by a solo cello, thickened by the violin sections, building up to a climax of feeling.

This music is emotional and dramatic, reminiscent of cinematic soundtracks in the sentimental style designed for loving or intimate scenes.

The following edits are included:
"Sentimental Mood" complete: 2:28
"Sentimental Mood" no intro: 1:45
"Sentimental Mood" piano solo: 2:28

68 BPM

This music includes a standard Royalty-Free License. For extended licenses (for broadcast or more than 10,000 physical copies) please contact the author.

Included License:
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