MKT 445 Week 5 Sales Plan: Phase Three

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MKT 445 Week 5 Sales Plan: Phase Three

You are the vice president of sales for the company of
the product or service that you selected. You have been asked to prepare a
sales plan for the CEO. You have learned that your product life cycle has changed.
Select a new product life cycle stage.

Resources: University Library, Internet

Use the product or service selected for the Week One Sales
Plan: Phase One paper.

Select a new product life cycle stage.

Write a 3,500-word minimum
revised sales plan that is 12-20 pages in length, including charts and data
graphs. Address the following in your revised sales plan:

  • Illustrate
    the changes to your product’s life cycle.

  • Outline what
    additions need to be made to your original sales plan.

  • Reassess the
    market environment and situation analysis assuming that several changes
    have occurred in the market.

  • Develop a
    plan for ongoing customer relationships and evaluate what incremental
    opportunities are available.

  • Identify
    sales performance measurement tools that enable you to gauge future

Format your paper consistent
with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab
to submit your assignment.

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