Acc346 Managerial Accounting: P7-4 For most construction projects, Bradley Heating and Cooling

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Acc346 Managerial Accounting
Week 4 Homework

PROBLEM 7-4. Make-or-Buy Decision
For most construction projects, Bradley Heating and Cooling buys sheet metal and forms the metal into heating/cooling ducts as needed. The company estimates the costs of making and installing ductwork for the Kerry Park shopping mall to be as follows:
Materials 35,000
Labor to form ductwork 3,000
Labor to install ductwork 9,000
Miscellaneous variable costs 1,500
Fixed costs allocated based on labor hours 3,000
Total cost $51,500
The fixed costs relate to the company’s building, equipment, and office staff. The company plans to bill the Kerry Park developer $68,000 for services. Bradley is currently behind schedule on other projects and is paying a late penalty of $1,200 per day. Walt Bradley, the owner of Bradley Heating and Cooling, is considering ordering prefabricated ductwork for the Kerry Park job. The prefabricated ductwork will cost $40,000 (including the cost of sheet metal). If Walt buys the prefabricated ductwork, he’ll be able to reassign workers to another project and avoid five days of late fees.

Should Bradley make the ductwork or buy it prefabricated?
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