Galactic Ascension for YAMAHA MONTAGE

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Galactic Ascension Performance Library for the Yamaha Montage synthesizer provides over 290 new performances, 113 arpeggios, and 29 User waveforms making this a robust library for ambient, chill, cinematic, and science fiction themed music production.  The Library file size is 66mb.

With so many mutli part performances to choose from you will find much to choose from or build you own unique performance with the tools provided.  You will get lost in this library for hours!  Unique sounds include space lasers, meteor showers, ice crystals, starship engines, deep growls, computer circuitry and more.   There are some other things thrown in that are not specific to the space genre but had to include them for your enjoyment.  
Bonus:  Bored performances for that detuned amibent chill feel. 

Note: The audio demo is just a quick sampling of several multi part performances. No mixing or mastering enhancements were made. 

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