Declare a global array Solution

For Form_Load display, use a textbox and check its “multiline” checkbox. To display data on Form_Load, use a txtOutput.AppendText() method (i.e. NOT a listbox control).

1. Declare a global array “temp()” and populate it with data from a “Data” file (in bin/Debug)
2. Declare a global array “numbers1()” and set its upperbound to temp()
3. In Form_Load:
a) Convert temp() as String to numbers1() as Double: Use For Next loop
b) Create numbers2() and populate it with numbers1(): Use For Next loop
c) Create numbers3() and populate it with numbers2(): Use For Next loop
d) Sort numbers2() in ascending order. USE ARRAY SORT METHOD
e) Sort numbers3() in descending order. USE ARRAY REVERSE METHOD
f) Display column headers: “ArrayIndex” “fromFile” “Ascending” “Descending”
g) Display the results
4. Create a Sub called Total to calculate the sum for all numbers in Data file.
5. Inside btnTotal_Click, call the Total Sub
6. Create a Sub called MinMax to determine the largest and smallest numbers in Data file. USE FOR EACH Loop!!
7. Inside btnMinMax_Click, call the MinMax Sub
8. Create a Sub called Average to calculate the average of the numbers in Data file. USE THE “AVERAGE” BUILT-IN SYSTEM METHOD
9. Inside btnAverage_Click, call the Average Sub
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