Java program to compute the person's BMI and calories (men/women ).RAR

Java program to compute the person's BMI and calories (men/women )

Given a person's weight in pounds, height in inches and age in years, write a Java program to compute the person's BMI and how many calories men and women would require per day to maintain their weight. Program requirements are: You must implement the following methods, in addition to main,within this program.Method 1 needs to display an explanation of what program will do (void method with no parameters or return value) Method 2 needs to compute the BMI using a double method and 2 parameters and a return value. Must use the pow method from the java.Math class to square the height. Method 3 & 4 - Two methods needed to compute the calorie needs, one for man and one for woman (two integer methods, each with 3 parameters and a return value). Methods must use one of the rounding methods in java.Math class to round the answer to a whole number. (May need to use casting to convert the returned value to an integer) Method 5 - Void method to display the results w/three parameters and no return value. Method must display BMI rounded to one decimal place using the printf method from the System.out class and must explain what it means. Then displays the calories for men and for women. Must also define - class-level static constant for the activity factor and set its value to 1.375 local (non-static) constants within main for the height and weight conversion factors variables for each input or computed value with descriptive names and appropriate types. Do NOT define constants for the literal values within the BMR calculations Read all user inputs from the main method, using descriptive prompts that include units. Program must use the calculation methods (methods 2-4) for BMI and caloric computations. Program must use the output methods (methods 1 & 5) to display all outputs (other then prompts) Formula used for BMI: BMI = weight/height2 (height squared) weight is in kg (converted to 2.2 lbs per kg) height is in meters (converted to 0.0254) Formula for BMR: BMR for men = 13.397W + 4.799H - 5.677A + 88.362 BMR for women = 9.247W + 3.098H - 4.330A + 447.593 where W = weight in kg H = height in cm (conversion 100cm per meter) A = age in yearsPhysical activity factor being used is 1.375
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