BUS 401 Week 4 Assignment Identifying and Managing Risk

According to Walter (2012), the risk management entails a process of evaluating overall goals of an organization’s against risks attached to planned activities.  To achieve this component in running of a business, measures have been devised to identify and analyzed the uncertainties associated.  This paper discusses the techniques devised by Dr.  James Kallman, in comparison to those of other risk management experts. 

Kallman observes that risk management is decision making process that combines a number of processes in the business operations (Kallman, 2005).  Risk management involves; organizing, planning, controlling, leading and allocating resources.  The technique by Kallman is seen as one that leverages the risk manager to have the foresight on to the target path in operations.  It offers a guide to the organization in achieving its goals by minimizing derailing obstacles to an organization’s success path. 
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