This is one of my favorite routines with fingers. Effect: « Please tell us a color. » The freely named color is written on a single business card (or else). « Interesting... I bet I can influence you now to choose a certain finger for instance.» You take a bill from your wallet. (The participant can bet as well.) You show your hand (or you draw a hand on the business card or another one): « Please point to any finger. » The spectator freely points to a finger, and of course, this is the one you wanted her to select. - It is that direct: They announce their choice, and you conclude. There is no « process », no force, no fumbling, etc. - It works 100% surefire. - It uses common objects and a minor preparation. - Your participant will remember he or she was influenced, somehow. [This effect was already included in « MOSAICS »]
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