Program that creates a class hierarchy for simple geometry

Write a program that creates a class hierarchy for simple geometry. IN C++ 

1. Start with a Point class to hold x and y values of a point. Overload the << operator to print point values, and the + and – operators to add and subtract point coordinates (Hint: keep x and y separate in the calculation).

2. Create a pure abstract base class Shape, which will form the basis of your shapes. The Shape class will contain abstract functions to calculate area and circumference of the shape, plus provide the coordinates (Points) of a rectangle that encloses the shape (a bounding box). These will be overloaded by the derived classes. Create a display() function that will display the name of the class, and all stored information about the class (including area, circumference, and bounding box).

3. Build the hierarchy by creating the Shape classes Circle, Square, and Triangle. For these derived classes, create default constructors, and constructors whose arguments can initialize the shapes appropriately using the correct number of Point objects (i.e., Circle requires a Point center and a radius, Square requires four Point vertices, while Triangle requires three Point vertices).

4. In main(), create one instance each of the following: Circle (10, -5) with a radius of 23; Square (5, -5)(-10,7)(4,23)(-6,12); and Triangle(0,0)(10,10)(-15,15). Display the information from each object.
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