Giant Dad Swallows Shrunken Son

The relationship between a Father and His son is a special one, even more-so if the Father is a giant, undefeatable God, while the son is nothing but a weak, powerless mortal.Furthermore, the son has an undeniable attraction to his God's body, his feet especially. The amount of pheromones his sweaty, gigantic soles produce as they trample over carelessly over cities and villages put every mortal under a spell, turning them into fearful, worshipping bugs. And that is exactly what happened with the poor, pathetic little son, forever a microbe in his Father's shadow, unable to achieve anything in his entire life that would match what He can achieve in a second...the poor mortal has given up hope on fighting his situation, and instead decided to embrace it fully. His Father however...has grown quite bored of him...
In this video, you will see a lot of intense foot domination, godly mouthplay, slow and erotic vore action, hot verbal domination and a sweet finger-licking finale. *Burp!*. ;)
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