Slow Jam

75 bpm
EP, Piano, Synths, Percussion

Well, this is interesting... Smooth sine bass contrasted with a lovely excited drum machine and then... the magic! Genre bending magic! You're a cool kid right? This is for you. You're welcome. Think 'trap' meets 'R&B' meets 'shoegaze' meets some other genre that is SO COOL there isn't even a name for it yet. Download comes with a not-quite-so-slow version that is not quite so slow.

It includes the main track as well as several individual parts so you
can make your own mixes.

Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0.pdf
Slow Jam - 90bpm Bonus.wav
Slow Jam - Bass.wav
Slow Jam - Drums.wav
Slow Jam - EP.wav
Slow Jam - Piano.wav
Slow Jam - Synths.wav
Slow Jam.wav

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