Quotex - 31+ Quotation Templates for Designers & Web Developers - No More "Guesstimations"

QUOTEX is the most powerful business document a designer and developer can have. Arm yourself with over 31 quotation templates so you can estimate and submit website proposals quickly, more importantly, get approvals and sell your projects. Using QUOTEX is a great way to sell your website design services without the guesswork. Using a set of proven templates you reduce marketing costs and increase the likelihood of getting your clients to sign your contracts.

  • Build Instant Quotations to Get more Web Design Clients

  • Make rapid and convincing estimates that your clients buy into

  • Define the your project specs and chargeĀ upon them

  • Out-of-the-box Templates ready to fire

  • Maximize the power of your Emails

  • 30+ Templates ready to use

  • Simply fill in and submit

  • Available in Doc and PDF Format

  • Standarize your project details and add value to your work

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