TYRANNY: From George III to Barack Obama, by E. Christian Kopff

How do we identify tyranny?  What is it?  Do we recognize it when we see it today?  The Founding Fathers of the United States learned about tyranny from the Ancient Greeks, and they created a system of government designed to stave it off.  In this audio lecture, classics professor E. Christian Kopff offers a fascinating history of tyranny, and shows through a careful, rhetorical analysis of the Declaration of Independence that America's Founders were not seeing to impose universal equality, but attempting to restrain power.  "Tyranny: From George III to Barack Obama" was the topic of the Fifth Annual Ides of March Lecture, Presented by Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture.  This engaging talk was delivered by E. Christian Kopff on March 19, 2015, at The Rockford Institute, in downtown Rockford, Illinois, and includes a Q&A time with the live audience.
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  • Duration: I hour, 19 minutes, 6 seconds
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